Domestic Alarms in Manchester

We offer a wide range of domestic alarms, not just burglar and intruder alarm systems. Every home should have at least 1 smoke detector preferably 2 or 3 or more, and a good fire alarm system can help to provide peace of mind. We therefore offer options for the residential situation.

These detectors could be a mix of various technologies and could stand alone, but are best used as part of a system.

Alarm Monitoring

Fire detection systems can be integrated into your intruder alarm system, if you have one. Alternatively, they can also be mains fed units that are interlinked to each other so that they can detect independently but then trigger each other in the event of a fire.

The devices can also be connected to a standalone fire alarm control panel, which can then ultimately call the emergency services. For further information on integrating your fire alarms with your existing alarm monitoring systems, call us today.

Services and products we offer:

  • Residential Security Systems
  • We offer both smoke and heat detectors.
  • Smoke Detection
  • The different types of detection are created by the following:
  • Ionisation
  • Responds Quickly to Fast Flaming Fires
  • Unique Long Life Ionisation Chamber
  • Optical
  • More Responsive to Slow Smouldering Fires
  • High Performance Optical Chamber

Heat Alarms

This type of detector is less likely to cause false alarms as they are responsive only to heat and therefore have a slower response than smoke detectors. They are usually utilised where smoke detection would be impractical, i.e. in or in close proximity to kitchens, boilers rooms and garages. For help with residential security in the Stockport area, call us today.

Call Us for Fire Alarm Systems

Call us today on the above number if you require further information on how heat and smoke detectors can give early warnings of a fire in your property. You can also fill in the contact form with your query.

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